Walk In Showers

If bathing is becoming increasingly difficult due to restricted mobility, then why not have a look at our range of stylish easy access showers.

All our walk-in showers have a low entry threshold to reduce the risk of falls or trips and can help you regain confidence in bathing again with complete peace of mind.

Most modern walking showers now come in a range of stylish and practical layouts with multiple options and will blend in effortlessly with your existing bathroom, which is ideal if your bathroom is used by other family members or guests.

Our walk-in showers are designed to replace your existing bath or shower and can be fitted in the same position to minimise disruption to your existing bathroom.

Choosing the right Walk In Shower

When it comes to choosing your easy access walk-in shower, you need to give careful consideration to a number of factors.

Try to choose a shower that will suit your present requirements, but will also be able to meet your future requirements should your mobility needs change. Choosing the correct shower option now is vital and will mean you will be able to shower in the comfort of your own home for years to come.

Low Level Trays

A low level shower tray is very much like a conventional shower tray but the base is lower than normal and comes with a slip resistant surface. This tray is easier option to fit and can be used by the majority of bathers even with mobility issues.

Level Access Tray

A level access shower tray is also like a conventional shower tray, but it is fitted flush to the existing floor leaving unrestricted access to the showering area. They are ideal for bathers with restricted mobility or any visual impairment.

Although harder to fit than a low level tray it is by far more cost effective solution than a wet room.

Both types of shower tray can also, be fitted with half height screens for users who require assisted bathing by carers or family members. They come in a large selection of styles and sizes and can be made to measure to ensure you get the maximum space possible and allow easy entry to your showering area.

Walk In Showers – Accessories and Aids

Walk In Showers by Simply Bathing

All our walking shower ranges can be complemented with a wide range of bathing aids to make your bathing a more enjoyable experience.

We will then go through a questionnaire to discuss your showering requirements, and from that we can access and design the most suitable additional aids that will help you bathe in complete comfort.

Walk In Showers are a great solution for independent living. You may also want to consider other options such as Walk In Baths or Wet Rooms. We can help you work through the options. 

Paul and his father have been most efficient and very helpful.

Mrs Jackson


Excellent workmanship! Paul can be proud of the job. A pleasure to have workmen of his standard.

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Paul has done a lovely job of our bathroom renovation and everything’s been left tidy and in place. A very polite, young man to have around and works very hard. We would recommend him to anyone.

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